Monobe Yuzu

Monobe Yuzu

Registration Number 96
Name of the GI Monobe Yuzu
Class Fruit
Date of Protection 2020/06/29
Producing Area Kochi Prefecture
Kami City
Applicant – Name and Address

Kochi Prefecture Agricultural Cooperative

5015-1 Godaisan, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture

Producing Area

Monobe Yuzu is a type of citrus produced for fresh fruit consumption.
 The Monobe Yuzu cultivation process involves a great deal of care, resulting in fruit with few blemishes and having an extended shelf-life. Accordingly, while 18 percent of Japan's total yuzu production in 2017 was shipped nationwide for fresh fruit consumption, a remarkable 69 percent of Monobe Yuzu was destined for fresh fruit consumption.
 Monobe Yuzu has a positive market reputation because of its quality, stable supply, and extended shelf-life. As such, many purchase orders are made specifying Monobe Yuzu.

Monobe Yuzu's production area is Kami City in Kochi Prefecture. The harvested yuzu are stored at a pre-cooling facility (3 to 5°C), and undergo two stages of sorting before being shipped according to standards prescribed by the agricultural cooperative, JA Kochi.

The average annual temperature of the production area is approximately 15°C. Although the area has high precipitation, many of the orchards are well drained, making them suitable for growing yuzu. The area's average temperature from October onwards, when yuzu begins to take on its yellow color, is lower than in other prefectural production areas. This temperature difference enables Kami City to produce vividly yellow citrus, which are highly valued in the marketplace.
 Kami City's yuzu production began in 1960, when 130 yuzu seedlings were planted. Whereas the main use of yuzu at the time was for juice, the area was among the first to pursue the cultivation and sale of yuzu for fresh fruit consumption.
 As of 2018, the Monobe Yuzu-growing area is 145 hectares, the number of producers is 172, and the production volume (shipped as fresh fruit) is 807 tons, making the area Japan's top producer of fresh fruit yuzu.

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