Zentsujisan Shikakusuika

Zentsujisan Shikakusuika

Registration Number 82
Name of the GI Zentsujisan Shikakusuika
Class Vegetables/
Cereal grains/Pulses
Date of Protection 2019/06/14
Producing Area Kagawa Prefecture
Zentsuji City
Applicant - Name and Address

Kagawa Prefecture Agricultural Cooperative (JA Kagawa)

1-3-6, Kotobukicho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

Producing Area

Zentsujisan Shikakusuika is a watermelon that has a cubic shape like a die, different from common round watermelons.
 The skin of Zentsujisan Shikakusuika features neat, almost vertically aligned longitudinal stripes that impart a beautiful appearance.
 With their unique cubic shape and beautiful appearance appreciated in the market, Zentsujisan Shikakusuika watermelons are traded at high prices, making them a representative specialty product of Zentsuji City.

For the production of Zentsujisan Shikakusuika, the variety Shimao (1) is used. Other varieties that are recognized to have equivalent characteristics to Shimao may also be used.
 Only selected fruits with favorable growth are cultivated in a cubic container for molding and cultivating cucurbitaceous plants before fruits become large. The fruits are harvested at a proper timing so as not to cause scratches, etc. on the skin.
 Fruits are sorted according to the Shipping Standard of Zentsujisan Shikakusuika. The standard includes the fruit weighing 5.5 to 8kg and having almost vertically-aligned stripes on its skin, and only fruits meeting the standard are shipped as Zentsujisan Shikakusuika.

The development of Zentsujisan Shikakusuika was started around 1965 in Zentsuji City, where the warm climate with little rainfall is suitable for cultivating watermelons, with the aim of producing high-value-added watermelons.
 The registered producers' association took the initiative in studying cultivation techniques including containers for molding and cultivating, and this led to the invention of the first Shikakusuika around 1975.
 Zentsujisan Shikakusuika watermelons are now produced by 9 producers, with an annual shipment of around 500 watermelons as of fiscal 2018.

  1. Shimao: A variety of large watermelon with a weight of 6 to 8 kg, characterized by sharp, dark stripes on the deep green skin.

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