Ryukyu Moromi Su

Ryukyu Moromi Su

Registration Number 44
Name of the GI Ryukyu Moromi Su,Ryukyu Moromisu,Ryūkyū Moromi Su,Ryūkyū Moromisu
Class Processed Foodstuffs
Date of Protection 2017/11/10
Producing Area Okinawa Prefecture
Applicant - Name and Address

Ryūkyū Moromisu Business Cooperative,

2-4-17, Tsuji, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture


Producing Area

"Ryukyu Moromisu" is an amber-colored, acidic, and still beverage made from "Ryukyu Awamori's moromi (1) residue". Because the main acidic ingredient is citric acid, compared to other vinegars, it lacks pungency and smell of acetic acid, thus it is easy to drink.
 While "Ryukyu Moromisu" is consumed as beverage, it is also used for cooking ingredient.
 In recent years, it has been covered extensively in features about vinegar in health magazines and guidebooks for consumers, and has been in the spotlight as a healthy drink.

"Ryukyu Moromisu" is produced by first making an undiluted base solution by pressing and filtering "Ryukyu Awamori's moromi residue".
 "Ryukyu Moromisu" refers either to the undiluted base solution or blends with added sweetening agents, fruit juice, plant extracts, etc. However, if blended, the undiluted base solution must comprise more than 75% of gross weight of "Ryukyu Moromisu" as end product.
 Further, all stages of production take place in Okinawa Prefecture.

It is said that the method of producing "Ryukyu Awamori" was transmitted to the Ryukyu Kingdom (2) (contemporary Okinawa Prefecture) in the 14th or 15th centuries. Various theories have been proposed about the transmission routes such as one from Thailand, from other parts of Southeast Asia, or from the Chinese province of Fujian.
 Okinawa Prefecture enjoys a subtropical climate that is temperate and humid all the year round. Under these climatic conditions, there is a risk that unwanted bacteria may proliferate in the brewing process. Therefore, during the long history of local production, black koji mold, which inhibits the proliferation of unwanted bacteria, was selected for use in the brewing process. This tradition has been inherited by today's producers.
 In 1973, the first "Ryukyu Moromisu" product went on sale. It was made by pressing and filtering "Ryukyu Awamori's moromi residue" and blending the base solution with brown sugar. Until then, the moromi residue had been mainly used as fodder for pigs or as fertilizer for the fields. Over the 43 years, "Ryukyu Moromisu" has been continually produced in Okinawa Prefecture.
 All the member companies of "Ryukyu Moromisu Business Cooperative" produce "Ryukyu Moromisu" in compliance with shipping standards, and the amount of production during the period 2012-2015 was said to be equivalent to 1.9 million bottles.

  1. Ryukyu Awamori: A traditional alcoholic beverage of Okinawa Prefecture fermented from a base of rice fully covered with koji mold, water, and yeast.
  2. The Ryukyu Kingdom: It was based in Ryukyu islands and existed for 450 years from 1429 to 1879.

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