Yubari Melon

Yubari Melon

Registration Number 4
Name of the GI Yubari Melon、YUBARI MELON
Class Vegetables/
Cereal grains/Pulses
Date of Protection 2015/12/22
Producing Area Hokkaido
Yubari City
Applicant - Name and Address

JA Yubari (Japan Agricultural Cooperative)
213-27 Numanosawa, Yubari City, Hokkaido, 068-0751, JAPAN

Producing Area

 YUBARI MELON is the Yubari King, a species produced by the Yubari Melon Association in Yubari City, Hokkaido. As for its features, it weighs 1.0 to 2.5 kg, and has an oval shape with a 'net' pattern. Its flesh is orange and less fibrous, so it is very soft and juicy. It is a variety with rich aroma and a sugar content of more than 10 degrees.

 The place of production, Yubari City, is a terrain surrounded by mountains and hills, so there is a greater change in day and night temperature compared to other melon producing regions. The ripening season is June to July; the temperature gap in June is 10℃ or more, and in July the gap is over 8℃. Also, since there is no rainy season in June and July, the city experiences very little rain, around 100 mm/ month.

 The soil has a base of volcanic ash brought down by the Tarumae volcano, and it has good drainage. YUBARI MELON has very low resistance to high temperature and high humidity; thus Yubari city with these natural conditions is optimal for cultivation. This gives YUBARI MELON its characteristic aroma, juicy pulp, and high sugar content.

 Yubari King, which is a variety of YUBARI MELON, is a one-generation hybrid, a variety in which the genetic qualities of male and female are passed down only to one generation, and the seeds have never left Yubari city. Drawing out the best qualities of this variety depends not only on the above geographical elements but also the grower's know-how as well, which has been built up over many years. The technique of cultivating and researching the Yubari King since 1960 is used in farming the fields, and carrying out the delicate temperature, humidity and soil moisture control which are essential to forming the 'net' of the melon and enlarging its size.

 Looking back at the history of YUBARI MELON, in 1960, the Yubari Melon Association was established by 17 volunteers, and Yubari King was created through a number of test cultivations. With the creation of a new variety that was a long-cherished desire, Yubari city's melon cultivation came to be centered on planting, cultivation, sorting and shipment mainly by production cooperatives. This approach has been successful, and from 1965 to around 1975, it became a production center representative of Hokkaido. In 1979, nationwide deliveries directly from the farm were started; and over its long history, strict cultivation standards and inspection systems have been maintained.

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